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So, a new Superman is born.
Henry Cavill, dreamy Brit actor from the period drama The Tudors has bagged the honours of playing the world’s favourite superhero in the next edition of the beloved franchise. The impossibly good-looking actor is no stranger to auditioning for superhero/larger than life roles, though. Rejection, bad luck and age haven’t been kind to him.
Until now, that is.
Cavill had tried out for the previous Superman offering, and was signed on as well, but fate had other plans for him. Before he knew it, the directorial baton changed hands and he was left with a broken dream, with Brandon Routh stealing the role from right under his nose. Brandon Routh’s run as Superman didn’t last long, however, and his caped crusade in blue and red stands pretty much forgotten today.
Losing a chance to play James Bond to the very intense Daniel Craig, *and* losing the Green Lantern role to Ryan Reynolds haven’t dampened this heartthrob’s enthusiasm – or appeal – one bit. At one point, he was even slated to play every teen girl’s fanged fantasy, Edward Cullen, in the Twilight series, with the author Stephenie Myer rooting for him vociferously. But alas, when casting began, Cavill was found to be too old – 24 – to play a brooding 17-year-old vampire boy.
I didn’t know Hollywood was that heartless to its leading men, too.
But like they say, Twilight’s loss is superherodom’s gain.
This boyishly handsome actor is all ready to take the superhero loving world by storm, come next year. But is he a good choice to fill in Christopher Reeves’s huge shoes and do justice to Clark Kent's legacy?
Talk to me.


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