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Heather Graham is a popular Hollywood actress. Before we get into Heather Graham hot scenes, let us first find out something about her personal life. Heather was born in Wisconsin and she was brought up in a rather strict atmosphere. Her father used to work for the FBI, while her mother was an author. Prior to becoming an author, she was a teacher in a school.
Although Heather was a shy child, she always wanted to get into acting. However, her parents were not very keen on their daughter taking up this profession. Nonetheless, her mother always accompanied her for auditions. Once Heather completed high school, she relocated to LA where she started out with minor roles in a number of films. However, her acting career did not progress at the rate she expected it. So, when joined UCLA to get a degree. Just 2 years into the university, Heather dropped out as she got a continuous role in Twin Peaks. Thereafter, she acts in movies like Diggstown and Six Degrees of Separation.
It was only in 1996 that Heather's acting career started gaining momentum after she acted in Swingers. Looking at her career, one can say that most of the roles that she enacted were of prostitutes, lesbians, porn stars and strippers. That is why one can see Heather Graham in hot scenes. Probably her most memorable role was that of a porn star Rollergirl in the movie Boogie Nights. However, she has also won a lot of accolades for her acting in independent films like Bobby.


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