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Just wait…this is not Sania Mirza but from the same clan Dia Mirza, the awesome beauty from Hyderabad may not be doing fine at Bollywood but she is doing well with her day dreaming. Fortunately this girl hasn’t found a man yet, but she is ready to be a mommy already. Of course she is looking for a charming partner, but may be just for delivering a baby.
Speaking to a media channel, Dia Mirza said ‘My friends keep telling me that stop looking for love and love will find you. And I tell them that my need for a relationship is more than just finding love. I want to have babies. I believe it is the most beautiful feeling ever. I don’t like test tube babies or adopted babies because I want to have babies out of love and experience it the natural way.’
Hmm…is there any prince charming for a double treat with Dia. Booking is open, you may contact.


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